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The Giant and The Pixie

Jonathan Josephson The Giant and The Pixie

a fairy tale for grown ups
by Jonathan Josephson


World Premiere: Chance Theatre - Anaheim, CA
East Coast Premiere: Hudson Guild Theatre - NY, NY

O'Neill National Playwrights Conference Finalist
StageSceneLA's Best of 2008-09 (Ensemble)

With giants mopping floors and trolls patrolling the roof, Northside Plaza is not your typical shopping mall. Arthur is a conscientious giant who works by day as a janitor – trying to win the heart of Cipriana, an executive, who also works in the mall. Sebastian – the hotheaded knight – is not happy with this and wants to get rid of Arthur, but Arthur’s buddy Gregory (the “troll with a soul”) won’t have anything of it. All the while Cipriana’s father, the magician, watches from a distance with an agenda of his own.


  • Arthur - "The Giant" (30s/40s, M)

    A janitor. Sweet, gentle, secretive.

  • Cipriana - "The Pixie" (20s/30s, F) 

    A store manager. Fiery, enthusiastic.

  • Sebastian - "The Knight" (30s/40s, M) 

    Works in the store. Smooth, intense.

  • Gregory - "The Troll" (Any, M)

    A homeless man. Entertaining, sly.

  • The Boss - "The Magician" (50s/60s, M) 

    The head of the store. Calm, wise.

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