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Holmes, Sherlock, and The Consulting Detective


The play can be performed with as few as 12 actors with intentional doubling. Alternatively, the play can be produced with as many as 25 actors playing unique roles and an ensemble of non-speaking roles.

Adapted from “A Scandal in Bohemia”

 SHERLOCK - hawk-faced detective sporting a bowler hat & cloak

 WATSON - a former army doctor, Sherlock's right-hand-man

 COUNT VON KRAMM/KING WILHELM - an arresting Bohemian aristocrat

 IRENE ADLER - a captivating American opera singer

 GODFREY NORTON - a handsome London lawyer

 INSPECTOR LESTRADE - the bulldog of Scotland Yard





Adapted from “The Red-headed League”

 HOLMES - a slightly older, pudgier version of the super sleuth, he sports a top hat

 DARREN, THE DOCTOR - resembles Dr. John Watson; academic and timid

 JABEZ WILSON - red-headed older gentleman; simple & straight forward

 ALISTAIR MERRYWEATHER - an even older gentleman; a bank president

 VINCENT SPAULDING - a sharp young man with big ideas

 JOHN CLAY - a dangerous criminal

Adapted from “The Adventure of the Copper Beeches”

 THE CONSULTING DETECTIVE - a slightly more dramatic version of the iconic detective wearing a deer stalker hat

 CLARA HUGGINS - a middle aged lady's maid

 VIOLET HUNTER - a lovely young woman with chestnut hair

 JEPHRO RUCASTLE - a wild-looking man with a mustache

by Jonathan Josephson
A mash-up of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s delightful “A Scandal in Bohemia,” “The Red-Headed League,” and “The Adventure of the Copper Beeches.

World Premiere at the Los Angeles Arboretum
EXTENDED through July 2, 2017

"Could well be the best theatre you'll see this summer!" - Broadwayworld 

The games are afoot! Audiences will follow 25 characters through a literary labyrinth of mysterious clues and misdirection in a story that features Sherlockian mainstays, new characters, and a host of theatrical surprises! Inspired by three classic stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes, Sherlock and The Consulting Detective will delight newbies to the mystery genre as well as Sherlock Holmes super-fans.

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