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January 8, 2020

January 14 will mark the deadline for entries into the fourth annual Stage It! 10-Minute Play Festival at Center for Performing Arts Bonita Springs. The Festival culminates with a full production of ten of the winning plays March 19-22, 2020. The Festival has taken on increasingly international appeal having received entries from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, India, and the UK, just to name a few. More than 300 entries are expected for this years' competition....

Past Stage It! winners include Lynn Aylward (CA), Lela Chesson (NC), Jonathan Josephson (CA), Arnold Kane (CA), Judy Klass (TN), Donald Ralph Lampton (FL), Rex McGregor (Australia), Nancy Rose Ostinato (FL), Jennifer O'Grady (NY), Steffi Rubin (NC), Judd Lear Silverman (NYC), Elisabeth Giffin Speckman (IN) and Trevor Suthers (London).

Playwrights can submit their plays online here: https://www.artcenterbonita.org/stageit/entry.html

December 12, 2019

If you’re familiar with Unbound Productions’ Wicked Lit as a traditional part of the Pasadena area’s Halloween, then you might not think about stopping in the Sunday staged readings at A Noise Within as part of your happy holidays.

But, as Unbound Productions Executive Director Jonathan Josephson reminded during a recent email exchange, ghost stories are very much a part of American holiday traditions.

After all, Josephson explains, “’A Christmas Carol’ is a ghost story, perhaps the most beloved ghost story of all time.

“Experiencing storytelling is all about sharing time with friends and loved ones, and gathering round the campfire, literally or otherwise, which inherently tightens the bonds of families and communities by creating shared experiences,” says Josephson.

BroadwayWorld: Unbound Productions Presents WICKED LIT STAGED READINGS

December 2, 2019

Unbound Productions Executive Director Jonathan Josephson and Artistic Director Paul Millet have announced the details for Wicked Lit Staged Readings at A Noise Within. The enhanced staged reading will feature The Unholy Sisters by Susannah Myrvold (premiered at First Stab Festival II in 2018), directed by Millet; H.P. Lovecraft's From Beyond adapted by Trey Nichols (World Premiere - Wicked Lit 2016), directed by Shaina Rosenthal; and The Grove of Rashomon adapted by Jonathan Josephson, from the short story "In A Grove" by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (World Premiere - Wicked Lit 2015) directed by Darrell Kunitomi.


Stories of darkness and horror are as old humanity, and just as universal. Journey with us through three short plays inspired by the darker side of storytelling - meet a scientist who has broken through a new plane of existence in a Lovecraftian thriller; take a journey alongside a fanatical Medieval inquisitor on his hapless search for witches; and travel to 13th Century Japan to relive a haunting, harrowing tale of violence from a multitude of perspectives.

October 20, 2019

The Alternative Theater Company presents ALTERED MINDS, Off-Broadway AEA Showcase, a collection of short plays, from quirky to inspiring, on relevant mental health issues and the stories of those whose lives they touch. The limited run will take place SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH through SUNDAY DECEMBER 8TH, 2019, in the Sargent theater space at the American Theatre for Actors, 314 West 54th Street, New York, New York. A diverse professional cast, directed by a team of veteran directors, present the various styles of original plays selected from 900 worldwide submissions. Plays include:

Phone Friend by Jonathan Josephson

Two lonely strangers connect when a widower keeps dialing his wife's old number and one day someone else picks up.

"If you ever wanted to dial that number, or call me, talk to me, for whatever cosmic reason you might want to - I'm here. It's Traci. Not a roto-dial fuckhead."

Directed by Judy Dodd Phone Friend stars Jillie Simon*(multi-award winning Hungry with Eric Roberts,A Chance)as "Traci" and Paul Thomas Ryan* (Studio 54, Carnegie Hall,various concerts)as "Henry."

...Established in Sydney in 2002, Short+Sweet is currently active in over 30 cities, with over 2,500 artists involved globally each year. Before my first year in my new home was out, I’d directed my first play, performed in another, nabbed myself an agent, and most importantly found my tribe. As a drama teacher, directing wasn’t completely new to me, but it was the first time I’d worked with a playwright. The play I directed was by Spiro Athanasiadis, a writer based in Melbourne who was very supportive of the production and open to collaboration

...The past eight months have been more challenging than I expected, but Short+Sweet has once again given me new friends, a creative outlet and a stronger sense of belonging. We all need a place to belong, something which is certainly reflected in the programme of Short+Sweet Dublin. A longing to be part of something, for connection is a recurring theme... There are plenty of laughs in the programme too. Jonathan Josephson’s This Hungry Churchyard is a quirky take on the hours after the death of Romeo and Juliet. Rex McGregor’s Threatened Panda Fights Back looks at the lengths someone will go to when an unexpected arrival rocks the boat.

“Wicked Lit” will be haunting audiences at Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery once again, and it’s for a good cause. “Audiences in the past have have come to Mountain View Mausoleum to see short plays fully produced,” Jonathan Josephson, executive director Unbound Productions and one of the producers of “Wicked Lit.”

“What we’re doing this year is simpler and smaller. It’s a fundraiser and it’s the same concept, where audiences follow actors throughout the mausoleum but instead of being fully produced plays they’re snippets of the most popular plays we’ve done over the last nine years.”

Josephson said the play is going to give the veteran audience members as well as the newbies a new view of the classic show.

“Most of the people coming to the fundraiser have been to ‘Wicked Lit’ before,” he said. “For newcomers it will be a taste of what we typically do. The plays are adaptations of the classic dark stories. Some of them are literature pieces by Edgar Allen Poe, some are drawn from folklore but they all have a gothic, macabre feel. What makes “Wicked Lit” a production unlike others is that play physically moves from location to location.

“‘Wicked Lit’ has sold out when it plays and it’s very popular and of course getting to see the play in the mausoleum is really exciting and fun. A lot of the plays we produce are set in mausoleums. It’s a set-responsive experience... We’ve had about 30,000 people see our shows over the years,” Josephson said. “Because we have a bit of a following we’re able to pay our actors and our artists better than industry standards which we’re proud of. People are drawn to our productions.

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