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This Blog is Not Important

My Playwriting Updates Are Not Important. But if some theatrical silliness would be a comfort, I gotchu. But first:

"For white artists and administrators (and journalists), this moment demands that we step aside and center the experience and voices of Black people and people of color, and to join them as allies in protest, while talking to our fellow white folks about the pathologies of whiteness—and above all, we must let these belatedly reoriented priorities finally and irrevocably lead us to remake our culture and our economy in terms of equity and justice." - Rob Weinert-Kendt, American Theatre Magazine There is a critical conversation taking place locally, nationally, and internationally about pervasive racism and dehumanizing treatment of people of color, especially Black men, by law enforcement and other structures of power. I encourage everyone to engage with artists and activists addressing these issues; here are few events and articles that I feel are important to amplify and/or am looking forward to: - Howlround Theatre Commons: Livestreaming SEGAL TALKS: Jonathan McCrory and Ngozi AnyanwuAn update on the situation for theatre artists in New York (later today) - American Theatre Magazine: "Tired but Not Daunted in the Twin Cities," Amid the grief and rage over George Floyd’s murder, but unable to gather and heal through their art, Black theatremakers speak out and demand change. (published June 1)


I had been fighting it for months, but I finally broke down and wrote a Zoom play. It's fun, was topical about a month ago (how the world has changed in such a short time), and hopefully will bring a smile to a few faces. The play will only be made public for the next two weeks! So if you have 10 minutes before June 22, give it watch. Featuring wonderful friends from the Antaeus Playwrights Lab (for whom I wrote the play, specifically): Peter Van Norden as Dr. Soulslayer Anna Mathias as Mistress Mindthief Ravi Kapoor as The Captor Raptor Edited by Katy Muzikar

--------------- My short play Dostoevsky is going to be included in Bonita Springs Performing Arts Center's Stage It! 4. If that sounds familiar, my This Hungry Churchyard was included in Stage It! 3 last year. I will have information soon about a Zoom reading of the play later this year, so excited to again be working with Frank Blocker and the gang in Florida.

--------------- Download Spotlight

Vivian’s Music, 1969: a fantasia for two actors by Monica Bauer In 1969, a young black girl in Omaha, Nebraska named Vivian Strong was killed by a white cop firing a single bullet to the back of her head, setting off one of the worst race riots of the 1960s. Through monologues inspired by real events, two actors bring Vivan’s life to the stage. Monica Bauer's powerful play is currently the #2 download in the nation on Amazon in the Drama and Plays category. The free download ends Sunday. Download the Play For Free

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