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Playwriting Year in Review: 2019

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Inspired by the transparency of Patrick Gabridge and Donna Hoke, and they're right - if we don't share this info, how is anyone to get it or learn from it or be helped by it, here's my 2019 playwriting year in review with numbers attached:

Playwriting Events: 24 (23 last year)

-- Readings: 5 (same as last year). Three were development readings, two were supported by a grant, one was a part of Noise Now at A Noise Within.

-- Productions: 12 for 50 performances (last year was 17 for 90 performances). I've now been produced in seven countries and 25 states (though state #26 is already slated for next year). I submitted less this year than in past years, probably a high of 90 submissions last year and this year was closer to 65.

Podcasts/Radio Plays: 2 (1 last year). When these work out well they're really fun! I want to explore this medium more in 2020. -- Publications: 1, non-licensing (2 last year) as part of the Stage It: 3 collection. I have 15 published plays and a few others in non-licensing collections, I'm hoping for a few more publications next year - publication seems like a great way to get small productions on a somewhat regular basis.

-- Panels: 1 (same). I don't really seek these out, they sort of come along every so often, generally by referral. Thus far, participating on panels has not lead to anything in terms of my own play development, but they're fun and seem helpful (or at least interesting) to attendees. -- Awards: 3 - Pasadena Arts Council Individual Artist Grant (2nd time), Short+Sweet Dublin Best Playwright, Short+Sweet Hollywood Judge's Award. The grant was fantastic and helped me build a stellar event and get a ton of great eyeballs on a new play. The Judges Award got me an additional performance in LA and the Best Playwright Award got me a snowglobe! It also helped a play get requested for further production opportunities (the play also won Best Director and both Best Actor Awards). -- Short List: 3 - Short+Sweet Manila, Short+Sweet Sydney (pending), and Short+Sweet Dubai (pending). I hadn't submitted to S+S until this year so it was great to get so much attention (all for the same play).

New Things: -- Was a producer of super great immersive event at an amazing museum with Moving Arts -- Participated in first book signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA -- Off-Broadway Debut: 1, Phone Friend with Alternative Theatre Company. I'm also working on making this into a short film which will be my first foray into anything filmed.

-- Scenes in Wicked Lit x8 fundraiser: 4, this was a fun event - wholly unique and probably never to be seen again. Writing/Rewriting: -- Finished one new evening-length play (These Violent Delights) -- Began rewriting of an evening-length play that has been kicking around for a few years - cut a character and about 12 pages, looking to rebuild it by spring of 2020 (Cupcake) -- Wrote six new short plays -- Working through a few drafts of a libretto for an exciting project in May of next year

Income generated: $5,592.72 -- Pasadena Arts Council Individual Artist Grant: $2,600 -- Initial payment for big 2020 project: $2,000 -- Royalties and fees from non-published plays: $642 -- Royalties and book sales from published plays: $350.72

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