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Now Published: My sinful collection of short plays

My first stand-alone collection of short plays is going to be published soon! The wonderful folks of Original Works Publishing have been working hard to edit and build out Seven Deadly Tens: a sinful collection of short plays, which includes some  of my greatest hits from 2011-2019: 1. Lust - This Hungry Churchyard Three days after Romeo and Juliet, two mysterious figures try to raise one of the star-crossed-lovers from the dead. 2. Greed - The Tale of Dakota Dawson A Wild West shootout set in a present day advertising agency. 3. Wrath - Runed A madcap riff on the M.R. James horror short "Casting the Runes" that is full of zany mischief and misfiring magic. 4. Envy - Dostoevsky Two bros-turned-frenemies get hostile when sexual proclivities are revealed at the workplace. 5. Gluttony - The Cautionary Tale of "Big Ed" Delahanty In July of 1903, the body of Hall of Fame baseball player Edward "Big Ed" Delahanty  was discovered at the base of Niagara Falls Gorge. Was his death a suicide, a murder or an accident? 6. Sloth - Tupperware Zeke’s girlfriend has left him, but she wasn’t nearly as clear in her communications as she could have been. 7. Pride - Dave's Epic 40th Birthday Party Is revenge a dish best served cold? Or is it that much worse when it's steaming hot? I have a few copies being shipped to the house - if you're one of the first ten folks to email me, I'll mail you a free copy :-). Send me your address and I will drop one in the mail in a few weeks when I get them. Or, feel free to:

I now have 21 plays published and available for licensing with a handful of incredible publishers!


Doing Great at Home

If this time of COVID-19, political mayhem, and civil unrest wasn't world-view-shaking enough, having a prolonged family emergency is a pretty dynamite way to jar one's psyche. Many of you know that my older brother, Matthew, had a stroke in mid-July. Fortunately, he got the immediate medical care that he needed, and then recuperated well for the following two months. He's home now, working hard to get back to full strength. Thank you to the many, many of you for your kind wishes, texts, messages, cards for Matthew, meals, and other manifestations of your care and love. It's been incredibly helpful during these past months, at times downright needed. Thank you for lifting me up when I needed it. :-)


My short play Dostoevsky is going was produced at the Bonita Springs Performing Arts Center - live, on a stage! The production was originally scheduled for March, and after extensive testing and safety walk-throughs and sign-offs, Stage It! 4 took place October 9-11. The play is also available in this non-licensing collection: Order Now



With humor, heart and a few surprises along the way, Isolation Inn weaves together the lives and stories of a range of characters in the early weeks of COVID-19. All who have found their way to Shauna’s residence and start their path to becoming a fragile family as they navigate the new normal alone together. Isolation Inn is a collaborative Moving Arts company project conceived by Trey Nichols and Dana Schwartz and written by Moving Arts company members Laura Buckles, Jackie Moses, Trey Nichols, Dana Schwartz, Michael Shutt, and Khari Wyatt.

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