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Hang In there

Hang In There

I've been struggling to find anything of value to say in these bizarre, unprecedented times. So many friends have lost jobs, have seen creative projects go up in smoke... some have had to close their businesses, and a handful have gotten really sick - of course that's the scariest part. Fortunately, blessedly, my immediate circle of friends and family have ultimately been okay (if not battered), and I wish only the same for you and yours. If there's anything I can do to help make things better or easier, please let me know. My family Zooming into Passover:


Like so many theatrical productions all around the world, Randy Newman's Faust: the Concert has been postponed until future notice. The team has put in a ton of work leading up to rehearsals that were supposed to begin in early April - fingers crossed that we'll be able to dive back in later in the year. With all of that said, the staff of The Soraya have been beyond resolute in terms of their support and care for the hundreds of artists and technicians whose work had been cancelled due to the pandemic. They have also found creative ways to share some of the programming that was originally slated for live performance via telecast. The organization is stretched thin beyond belief, if you're able to support this incredible arts presenter, please do.


Of Love and Shampoo is slated for its 6th production in May - wishful thinking? Or maybe it's going to be online, not totally sure. But good on the good folks of Victoria West High School for finding a way to make theatre, safely! Victoria West High School Victoria, TX​ Sunday ​May 16, 2020 Production #6 ----------------------- Hooray! Smith and Kraus will include the opening speech of This Hungry Churchyard in their Best Women's Monologues of 2020 :-) Enjoy the award-sweeping production from Short+Sweet Dublin:

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