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Runed in the Heartland, Holmes in Seattle

Sometimes festivals put out calls for intimate, nuanced plays that paint artful stories that engage the mind and illuminate the human condition. And sometimes festivals just want pieces that are out-in-out zany-pants. Well, zany-pants, here we come! I'm excited to share that my short play Runed, which began its life as a spoof that I wrote for an Unbound fundraiser back n 2011, is going to receive its world premiere later this summer. The play is a riff on a riff of the M.R. James story "Casting the Runes" and follows the hijinx of four bumbling adventurers trying to avoid a terrifying curse.

Runed World Premiere 2018 The Heartland Play Festival: Magic Heartland Theatre Company Normal, IL June 7-30, 2018

Holmes, Sherlock, and The Consulting Detective has been licensed for its

second production - this one coming as a result of activity on the New Play Exchange. If you're a playwright and aren't registered with this service - look into it ASAP, it's a tremendous value and an unparalleled playwriting community. And if you're in the greater Seattle area and want to see 24 8th graders tackle this Sherlockian mash-up, let me know. ;-) Production #2 Seattle Waldorf School

Seattle, WA June 7-8, 2018 "Could well be the best theatre you'll see all summer!" - BroadwayWorld

The marshmallows take potato country! Thanks to the continued excellent work of YouthPLAYS, Chubby Bunny had it's first production (and my first production of any play) in the great state of Idaho! Whoo! Production #8 Heritage Middle School Meridian, ID March 6, 2018 Published by YouthPLAYS


The Madres by Stephanie Alison Walker directed by Sara Guerrero thru April 29, 2018 Skylight Theatre A Rolling World Premiere

I saw this play on Monday - hooray for playwright buds!!

ABOUT THE PLAY: With courage and resilience, three generations of women in a single family face a world gone mad in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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