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Fishburne, Marshmallows and The Gay Rabbi

My Greatest Hits at Chance Theater

Katy and I are producing three of my award-winning short plays as part of Chance Theater's annual Chance-a-thon fundraiser! The bill will be made up of the SoCal premieres of three of my best and most telling one-acts:

27 Ways I Didn't Say "Hi" to Laurence Fishburne Humana Festival, Milwaukee Rep RepLAB Grandpa and the Gay Rabbi Winner - 2016 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Play Festival Chubby Bunny Pomona College One Act Festival, written with Katy!

Cripe Stage at Chance Theater 5522 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim, 92807

I'd really love to see you there! Can’t attend? Please consider making a donation to Chance Theater - they are a leading midsized theatre in the region that does great work and is populated with some of my favorite people.

Legend(s) of Sleepy Hollow is now available at! First presented as a staged reading by Unbound Productions and given a world premiere at Chance Theater, this 65-minute play tells both the known and lesser known "true" story of what happened the fateful night Ichabod Crane met the Headless Horseman... as described by Ichabod's dutiful horse, Gunpowder. Available for licensing through Stage Rights - details here.

I've got more details on The Box: Los Angeles (March 3-25), Sacred Fools' late night Noir adventure: My short scene will be a part of Storyline C, which will be performed 3/17-18. There is a chance that my piece will be performed both nights, and there is a small chance that my piece might not performed either night. It's all up to yje pull of a hat - fun times!

SOCAL SPOTLIGHT Long Day's Journey Into Night Through March 18 Gil Cates Theater Geffen Playhouse Saw this yesterday - it's incredible. Mr. Molina is worth the price of admission alone, and Mr. O'Neill sure knows how to turn a phrase (and twist a knife). By Eugene O'Neill

Directed by Jeanie Hackett Deep-seated resentments and bourbon-fueled tirades cause a family to expose their darkest natures. “This Geffen revival reminds us why actors and audiences keep returning to O’Neill’s haunted house.” – Los Angeles Times

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