Long Plays

When I was at the Great Plains Theatre Conference in 2007, Edward Albee was on a bit of a crusade to change the term "full-length play" to mean a stand-alone play, a two act, play or otherwise a play that was not "just a short play." He said that any play that was complete was its full length, so a complete 10-minute play is at its full length at 10 pages, etc. Since then, I've referred to my "stand-alone length" plays as "long plays" and every else as "short plays." PSA brought to you from the office of Playwright Affairs, Member FDIC.

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These Violent Delights

It's three days after the end of Romeo and Juliet, Verona is in mourning. Two figures slink out of the shadows (and out of Shakespearean obscurity) to bring their beloveds back to life... and unwittingly unleash the zombie apocalypse. Featuring Friar Laurence, Juliet's Nurse, Shylock of The Merchant of Venice, Beatrice of Much Ado About Nothing, and a host of other misfit characters, this rhyming, verse-playing, tragi-comedy leaves a hilarious blood bath in it's wake.

Holmes, Sherlock and The Consulting Detective

A lively mashup of Doyle's "A Scandal in Bohemia," The Red-Headed League" and "The Adventure of the Copper Beeches" featuring three Sherlock Holmeses, a slew of iconic characters from Sir Arthur's literary universe, and a host of new characters and fun surprises!

1 Hour, 45 minutes

12-16 M/W
World Premiere: Unbound Productions - LA County Arboretum
Development: The Huntington Library, Sherlocks in Brentwood, Pasadena Central Library

Big Ed, The King of Swatsville

The cautionary tale of the outrageous life and tragic death of 1903 Hall of Fame baseball player "Big Ed" Delahanty who died after being thrown off a train crossing over Niagara Falls. But was his death a murder, a suicide, or an accident? Big Ed, the King of Swatsville is presented as a fractured night of Vaudevillian entertainment replete with songs, poetry readings, soft-shoe, and storytelling.

80 Minutes

3 W, 3 M (most characters play multiple roles)
World Premiere: Available
Development: Antaeus Theatre Playwrights Lab


A Kickass MMA Play.
Chris Maple Jr. is a MMA fighter, and she's good, a rising star. When tragedy tales place inside the ring her heart is town to shreds, but her career trajectory? That may have gotten the boost it needed to rise all the way to the top.

1 Hour, 30 Minutes

5 W, 5 M (some doubling possible)
World Premiere: Available
Development: Circle X Theatre Company/ALAP New Works Lab

The Legend(s) of Sleepy Hollow

The real story of what happened between Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman as told from the point of view of Gunpowder, Ichabod Crane's faithful horse.

65 Minutes
1 W, 4 M, 1 E (flexible casting up to 3)
World Premiere: Chance Theatre

Development: Unbound Productions

The Giant and The Pixie

With giants mopping floors and trolls patrolling the roof, Northside Plaza is not your typical shopping mall. Arthur is a conscientious giant who works by day as a janitor – trying to win the heart of Cipriana, an executive, who also works in the mall. Sebastian – the hotheaded knight – is not happy with this and wants to get rid of Arthur, but Arthur’s buddy Gregory (the “troll with a soul”) won’t have anything of it. All the while Cipriana’s father, the magician, watches from a distance with an agenda of his own.

70 Minutes
1 W, 4 M
World Premiere: Chance Theatre
Additional productions/development: New York Summerfest, Syzygy Theatre Company

That Laurence Fishburne Play

Born out of the "Humana Festival Hit" 27 Ways I Didn't Say "Hi" to Laurence Fishburne, a neurotic tragi-comedy about heartbreak and letting go

1 Hour, 40 minutes
2 W, 3 M
World Premiere: Pending
Development: Little Candle Productions

Four Sons

A very Jewish Passover comedy

2 Hours

1 W, 6 M
World Premiere: Available

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