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New Libretto for Randy Neman's Faust

My Next Big Project:

Since last summer, I've been working with some stellar collaborators on a 90-minute concert version of Randy Newman's Faust - yes, that Randy Newman of "Short People" and "You've Got a Friend In Me" and a bazillion other incredible songs and scores. You may recall the concept album of the same name that came out in the '90s - featuring Mr. Newman and a few memorable voices: James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Don Henley, and just for kicks, Elton John performing a stirring rendition of "Little Island." This is the show that gave us "Feels Like Home" and so many other wonderful tracks. It's an incredible album, a searing and funny musical, and it's been a blast working with music director Michael Roth and the producing team of this fantastic event. The concert is going up in one of the classiest venues I've ever set foot in - the 1700-seat Great Hall at the Soraya in Northridge (formerly the Valley Performing Arts Center). There's going to be an all-star cast (TBA), a gospel choir, and a rocking big band! I can't wait, hope you can join! :-) Randy Newman's Faust: The Concert Music and Lyrics by Randy Newman Saturday, May 9 $49–$147 (I'll share discount info if/when it's available!) ----------------------------

Chubby Bunny is going to have production #12! This one will be staged in a private home as part of an (un)Valentine's Day fundraiser for the fabulous Moving Arts. This is the theatre company that I interned with all the way back in 2003 and got to work with last year on Theatre at the Museum (immersive short plays at LACMA). Should be a great time and all ticket purchases support a great group of theatre artists who are dedicated to new work!

February 15, 2020  6:00p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Moving Arts Mystery Location in the Hollywood Hills (I actually don't know...) Buy tickets for deets! ----------------------------

My "La Llorona" riff Las Lloronas will receive its first production since the world premiere as part of Wicked Lit 2014. It will also be my Equality State debut (state #27 for folks playing at home). Natrona County High School Casper, WY February 20-21, 2020 SOCAL SPOTLIGHT:

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