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A Garden, A Bear, & Regrets

The Return of History Lit

In 2012, with three successful (though relatively small) productions of Wicked Lit under our belt, fellow Unbound Productions compatriots Paul Millet, Jeff Rack and I decided to spread our wings some and create History Lit, A Festival Of Timeless Stories. The event was a success, but despite our continuing efforts, we hadn't been able to return to that ambitious series - until this year! I'm thrilled to share that we will be returning to the Pasadena Museum of History and remounting two of the original plays from History Lit 2012 (including my adaptation of The Garden Party) but with new directors, new cast members and new locations to explore on the grounds. Also, instead of producing a play inside Fenyes Mansion, this year's production will include my fantasy-farce adaptation of The Girl Who Owned a Bear staged inside the museum's exhibit Flying Horses & Mythical Beasts: The Magical World of Carousels. Audiences will move throughout a internationally renown collection of carousel creatures as the play happens all around.

History Lit runs July 9-31, 13 performances only. Seee you there!

Lots going on in the next few weeks and months - three world premieres and two readings between now and the end of October - it's busy playwright season! I'm also thrilled to announce that I will have my first NYC world premiere in August, details soon!

The Girl Who Owned A Bear The story is essentially about a collection of fairytale characters that come to life and try to reak havoc on the life of a young girl (in hilairously ineffective ways). Thrilled to be reunited, again, with Paul Millet for our 7th Unbound collaboration!

I'm very excited to be able to revist The Garden Party, adapted from a wonderful and heartbreaking story by Katherine Mansfield. And I'm also thrilled to be reunited with director Aurora Culver (Holmes, Sherlock and The Consulting Detective in 2014).

Coming Soon:

Grandpa and the Gay Rabbi(Staged Reading) WeHo One City One Pride June 25 That Laurence Fishburne Play (Staged Reading) Little Candle Productions October TBD

Unbound Productions:

History Lit: July 9-31 A Garden Party, Two Pictures in One and The Girl Who Owned A Bear!

SOCAL SPOTLIGHT Cold Tangerines: The Play Adapted by Lynn Downey Braswell From the book by Shauna Niequist Little Candle Producions At the Lounge Theatre June 5-25 Enjoy a remount of Little Candle's 2014 hit as part of the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival! Shauna dreams of being a writer, but has let her insecurities hold her back. When she finally summons the courage to put pen to paper, her differing identities clash in her imagination and onstage.

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